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What is Nomad Energy?

    Nomad Energy is a plant based energy drink, made from six, simple ingredients.  

    What is in Nomad Energy?

    Sparkling water, cascara, organic lemon juice, organic maple syrup, organic lemon extract, himalayan pink salt, ascorbic acid.

    How much caffeine is in Nomad Energy?  

    90mg, about as much as a cup of coffee, or Red Bull

    Should I drink Nomad Energy?


    When should I drink Nomad Energy?

    Before you do something rad.  Or every morning, and afternoon.

    I want Nomad to sponsor my backyard ski jump competition.  It’s definitely not just me, my sister and my dog. It’s legit. I swear.

    Sweet.  We’re sure it’s a real event.  Email us at with the subject, “SPONSORSHIP”.  In the email, make sure to tell us about the event, why you think we should be there, and a fun fact about yourself.  If there’s no fun fact, we won’t respond.

    My order never showed up.  Or showed up damaged. I’m unhappy, and want my money back.  

    We’re sorry about that.  We want you to be happy. Email us at with your order details and we’ll do what we can to make things right.  

    Have another question that you don’t see covered here?  Email us at  We’ll get back to you ASAP.