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Welcome.  Thanks for coming.  Take your coat off and get comfortable.  If you look around, you'll notice this is a brand new website.  Hey, it's a brand new Nomad.  We're focused on one thing, and one thing only - Nomad Energy. 

Our goal is the same; to spread radical sustainability.  We've really dug in and focused on the personal sustainability aspect as most important.  What's most important to our customers?  What do people want?  Nomad Energy is the answer of us exploring that question.  A simple, six ingredient energy drink.  Nomad Energy.

Clean energy for daily adventures.  

On this site, you can now actually buy Nomad Energy.  On our own site.  And it'll show up at your door.  I swear.  We've focused on simplifying the information we communicate.  If you do want to know more about us, and you don't see it on the site, reach out to us.  <a href="">Send me an email.</a> We're here for you.