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The Starting Line

Jon and I have been at work, making Nomad Trading Co. a real company that sells a product and that has our desired impact since last August.  It’s a long time to work on something, without producing anything tangible.  We’ve researched, traveled, built a supply chain, bought stuff, met a lot of people, learned lessons, but still have yet to produce a single ounce of saleable cascara tea.  

With that said, we’re racing towards the starting line.  In a few short weeks, we’ll be pumping out bottles.  We’ll be hustling, door to door, winning shelf space one cooler at a time.  Stoke level is high.  

We'll be bottling on May 17, and selling on May 18.  If you want to buy some cascara directly from us, email me at  

I'll leave you with a video to sum up how I feel right now: