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Takeaways from Intern Dan

On my first day at Nomad, I came in with a white button- down shirt and navy blue chinos. I had no idea what kind of environment I was jumping into. I’ve never worked for a startup before, and the internship I had last summer required that I be in suit and tie everyday, 5 days a week from 9 to 5. I thought that a button down and some pants would be a good compromise; not too formal, but not too casual either. 

From my second day on, I’ve worn shorts, t-shirts and open-toed sandals or sneakers to work, everyday. 

I’m not writing about my daily work apparel to brag about not having a formal dress-code, but to explain that a suit and tie are not requirements for learning valuable professional skills and life lessons. I’ve learned that the ideas in my head and the ways I contribute to the team are much more important than what I look like from 10am - 5pm everyday. 

Since being at Nomad, I’ve been to the Kickstarter HQ,  Fancy Food Show, demos at Whole Foods, and the Rockaways with the team. I’ve been A/B testing in Union Square and have had many opportunities to contribute to important discussions about the company. I’ve sampled new products, and written cool blogposts. I’ve done a ton, and I’m learning a lot. I’m not in a suit and tie. Internships can be fun. Nomad is cool.

- Intern Dan