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Stream of Consciousness from the NY Coffee Fest

It's 9:50pm.  I just got home from the New York Coffee Fest, during which is consumed a few cups of Cascara, our new Mint Cacao Brew, and countless cups of coffee from our friends at Nobletree.  Here are some thoughts from a very caffeinated, yet exhausted mind:

  • People love their coffee.  Intuitively, we know this.  We see it with coffee kitsch ("Death before decaf." "But first, Coffee."), and we know it from the numbers, but man oh man is it fascinating talking to so many coffee lovers.
  • Our farmer friends Julio and Octavio from Peralta Coffees came in from Nicaragua for the festival.  They produce some incredible coffees.  It was wonderful to see them in New York, and a cool clashing of worlds.  We met them in their hometown of Ocotal, and now they get to meet us in ours.
  • We met people from all over who seem really excited about what we're doing.  We keep our heads down, and have been pretty relentlessly focused on how to expand distribution, improve quality, and step things up across the board.  It's nice to meet some of the broaderregionaly community and hear such positive feedback. 
  • Business cards.  We don't do any printed materials, including business cards.  It's 2017.  Paper is wasteful and outdated.  We all carry cellphones which allow us to exchange information seamlessly.  We'd love to see more people go down this road.  Once you ditch the business card, you'll never look back.  

Anyways, we've got two more days of the festival ahead.  We're excited to keep sharing cascara and cacao with y'all.  Come say what up.  As always, don't sleep on the high fives.