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Product/Market Fit.  This might be a boring topic to someone who doesn't run a business, but it's what we've been living for months now.  Paul Graham, writer, entrepreneur, founder of Y Combinator, and all around smart guy sums up product/market fit succinctly, "make something people want".  

We didn't start out with that vision.  In fact, that's still not exactly our goal.  Our goal is to spread radical sustainability in beverage.  To succeed at that, we need to make something that people want. 

We started out making a tea, and calling it Cascara.  Most people seem confused by that. When people are confused by your product, that's a problem. We've listened intently to feedback like that and more.  Drinkers in Whole Foods, at Brooklyn Boulders, at Mekelburg's, people have been eager to share their thoughts.  We've taken it to heart.  We're working on some changes to Nomad that will allow us to achieve our goal in a much more meaningful way.  We'd love for you to be a part of that.  Shoot us an email (hello at if you want to know more.  Add your email do our email list.  

But, how do we know if we're really making something that people want?  People may buy it.  People buy lots of things that they don't want, and lots of brands exist selling things that people don't really need or love.  Ultimately, brands that garner true evangelists are the most successful.  We what we're doing is the right thing, and if you're reading this, you probably do too.  We take the Justice Potter Stewart approach - we'll know it when we see it.