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Nomad's Big Day Out

On Monday, we took a day to have fun together as a team.  We've only recently become a team, with Jose and Dan jumping on board.  We followed the Ramones and took the A train down to Rockaway Beach.

Couple of takeaways:

  • Dan and Jose are awesome.  They both work hard and get stuff done.  We wouldn't be able to get as much done as we are right now without them.  It's cool getting to know them
  • Rippers sells reusable straws.  Straws suck. Single use plastics suck. Any move away from single use items is a good move in my book.
  • There were awesome waves.
  • A bunch of guys in their 20s can play around in some surf and have fun like they're 8 years old.

Last takeaway is to have fun.  Life is short.