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Nomad Energy - Kickstarter

Whoa.  What a couple of days.  Our Kickstarter came together pretty hastily in the past couple of days.  So far, the response has been incredible.  We hit our initial goal within 16 hours of launching, and our initial stretch goal within 36 hours of launching.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, and thank you to everyone who will support us in the coming days (if you haven't yet, CLICK HERE). 

Couple of major thank yous - John, Will and Eileen at Magnifico Design, Tilden for putting together our infographics, Matt and Annie for making our video, Mike at Kickstarter for being himself, Francie of FranciePants for her advice, Intern Dan for literally making the Kickstarter happen, Cassandra for talking to us about PR, Pilotworks for existing, and anyone else who played a part in this.