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Intern Season

Interns?  Nomad? Yup.  We're happy to say that there are a few more Nomads joining us.  This summer, we'll be joined by Jose and Daniel.  Read about them on our Team page.

Jose will be working with us on sales, distribution and merchandising initiatives.  There's limitless work to be done there, and we're thankful that he'll be showing up day after day, grinding it out, making sure that we're well stocked on shelves.

Daniel is going to focus on experiential marketing.  We do lots of events.  If you're reading this, I'd bet that you met us at an event.  Daniel is going to help us make those a lot better.  Stoked to have him on the team.

Jon and I have had some mixed internship experiences.  We've made copies, fetched coffee, and scanned in business cards for hours on end.  We've also been able to do some amazing, fulfilling things through internships.  We're striving to make sure our interns get to do work that's exciting for them, and meaningful for the company.

If you see these two out and about, make sure to give them a high five.  They'll probably be really confused who you are though, so maybe explain that the company blog told you to do it.  Still probably confusing.