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In Training

Jon and I are both amateur athletes.  Jon runs.  I cycle and do triathlons.  Jon is definitely the better athlete, but we both have a lot of fun with it.  We're both realists.  We're never going to win the Boston Marathon, or compete in the Tour de France.  But we'll sure as hell push ourselves to our personal brinks.

A friend asked me why I take training so seriously.  Fair question.  To me, it's not taking it seriously.  It's  just the way we do things.  It's fun.  When I wake up at 5:45am, have rubber spinning on the road by 6, I'll have a goofy grin across my face the entire time.  How cool is it that my body and some simple machinery can make me cruise at 20mph around Prospect Park?  How cool is it that Jon, with shoes tied to his feet, can run into Manhattan faster than the train can get him there?  

Nomad is the exact same way.  How cool is it that we started with a little idea, and have translated that into a business that has products you can buy?  Sure, there's pain.  On the bike, my legs don't always want to keep their cadence.  In the company, there are setbacks.  But at the end of the day, you can find both of us with a goofy grin across our faces, pushing on, finding our next step.