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Brand Crush: Pilot Kombucha

If we were only talking booch, Pilot makes the best kombucha you can get in New York.  Period.  No questions asked.  The Celery Juniper? That stuff is amazing. The package design is so clean.  Based on product alone, Pilot can and will take over the world of fermented tea.

But, we're not just talking kombucha.  We're talking people.  Pilot is run by a woman named Alex.  Alex is the best person you will find running a business in New York.  Period.  No questions asked.  Somehow, she always finds time to help. New York has a friendly food and beverage entrepreneur community.  We chat with lots of people going through what we are pretty regularly, and all support one another.  Even considering that, Alex puts up with way too many of my questions, thoughts, and requests.  

Her business practices are also admirable.  Again, beyond the kombucha itself, which is fermented in small batches, from the best ingredients, she has grown her business organically and thoughtfully.  She has exercised discipline and drawn a roadmap for other young F+B businesses in New York to grow with purpose.  She's not everywhere (yet), she's in the right places for her brand and that takes incredible hard work.

So, go out and buy a Pilot Kombucha because Alex deserves your dollars, and your gut deserves the best.